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Google’s Document & Spreadsheet Service

Monday, February 26th, 2007

Google’s new beta service for documents and spreadsheets has been invaluable for me so far. I’ve been uploading Excel workbooks (spreadsheets) and updating them on a daily basis. As usual I was late to realize Google even had this service…..

After my first three years of running our online business I found that I was feeling a great deal of anxiety whenever we had low income days, months, and even hours. I’ve had very little experience running any kind of business and therefore I never understood the importance of tracking. In the last year I have been slowly moving toward tracking income and costs using an Excel workbook but Excel seemed like a complicated piece of software. After I caught on to creating Excel sheets I was surprised to see how easy it is. Anyway, once I had my spreadsheet completed I went looking for a way to run Excel online or on one of my websites.

I searched online for Php and Cgi scripts that would give me the ability to run Excel on my site. The search was long and tedious and I found a few sites that provided a way I could run Excel on their server and their site. The prices ranged greatly from a monthly fee of a few hundred dollars up to expensive setup costs as high as $15,000 USD. Obviously some of these web service providers are catering to larger companies with larger budgets than mine.

Eventually I came across the Beta program with Google which allows you to simply upload an Excel workbook and manage it going forward. I find that editing Excel workbooks online in my Google account is easier than editing Excel on my PC. There are some helpful buttons and applications for “Excel dummies”. Finding formulas is really easy with the drop down menu they provide.

Try it! It’s FREE!

Good Thread On HyperVRE @ Warrior Forum

Friday, February 16th, 2007

Here is an bit from a good thread on HyperVRE and keyword research – how HyperVRE down-lines work etc. FYI….here is my free HyperVRE template page.

If you use HyperVRE for free, you can use it forever and
never pay for it. The Gold Member that you got the
free software from has their id attached to it, and when
you build niche sites using the software, your Clickbank
and Amazon aff ids are in the product links. Of course
the Adsense income is not yours – whoever is using HyperVRE
sees all the Adsense profit which is the lion’s share.
There is a downline. So I’m more than happy to provide
HyperVRE software free to users because they are now in my
downline. If they upgrade their software the Gold or Silver
Membership level, I then see a 50 dollar commission……..

The Money Traffic Google Group

Friday, February 16th, 2007

Kenny and myself will be hosting the Money Traffic Google Group for open discussions and debates on all things Internet income related. We’ll be starting off with the KyperVRE software work projects.

Join us here: http://groups.google.com/group/moneytraffic 


New PDA – HP Ipaq Travel Companion rx5900

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Got a new PDA for the business this week. I’ve been testing a few PDA models recently and I’ve taken two back for exchange. This could be considered a review of some sort.

A Little Background On What Brought Me To The IPAQ rx5900

It all started when I bought a Magellan GPS a couple of years ago for a road trip down to Vegas, Lake Havasu City, and Palm Springs. My wife and I are both fairly inept when it comes to reading maps and navigating through big and strange cities, so we thought we should invest in a GPS for the car.

Well…..it was a life saver, especially when we were driving at night through strange cities and around unfamiliar freeway exits and such. It was a real piece of mind.

When we got back from our trip we decided to take back the Magellan road map GPS because we figured the price would drop considerably. Well it did. We paid $1200 CAD for it and it’s now worth around $650-$700 CAD. The only thing that held me back from investing in a GPS, and keeping it, was the onset of PDA technology.

I noticed that PALM handhelds and HP-Ipaq handhelds were offering the first software add-on packages for GPS road mapping. This was also an expensive option as you had to buy a good PDA ($400-600), and then buy the GPS mapping software for around $200-$250. TomTom is the leader in PDA GPS software at the time of this writing.

So there I was as usual – waiting for the beta bugs and high prices to drop off and settle down. As of January 2007 I noticed that the prices were still holding for PDAs and software, but the beta bugs had been significantly dealt with. Off I went a-shoppin’ and a-buyin’!

First Purchase and Trial – The Palm TX Handheld

I bought the Palm TX combo package that included the PALM foldable keyboard. It didn’t come with a case, but I ordered one from PALM online. I was thrilled to play with my new toy, but I found some problems. When I was working in hand printing recognition mode it was problematic, especially when I wrote the letter U (usually displayed a V instead). I also found the PALM was annoying when  wanted to print the @ sign. I finally gave up on the print recognition and started using the keyboard mode. This was also problematic because the keyboard keys are VERY small. I have 43 year old vision and it was a pain to work unfettered.

When it came to incorporating the GPS software I was not ready to pay another $250 USD for GPS software that may or may not work. This software is TomTom as well. After three days of testing and trying to get the most out of the PALM TX, it began crashing periodically. That was enough for me, and off to the store for an exchange deal on a different PDA.

Enter The HP iPAQ rx5915 Travel Companion

I went back to the store that I bought the PALM from and exchanged it for the Rx5900. When I opened up the box in the car I was very happy to see that it came with a tough car window mount and a carrying case that the PALM did not provide. It’s a leather case (NON-IMITATION and real leather smell). I was also very happy to see it came with a cigarette lighter power adapter, as well as the standard 110 AC adapter, that used a USB style wire. This makes for easy powering. Another great thing about the Ipaq rx5900 is that you can begin using it straight away as it comes with a charged nicad battery.

Now beyond the accessories and in-the-box highlights:

I was of course excited to know that the Rx5900 has built in GPS road mapping technology by TomTom. Right out of the box I had a GPS signal and it was dead-on accurate. The wifi application was flawless and all of the other bells and whistles were worthy of note.

The BEST part about the Ipaq Rx5900 is the screen touch controls. You can change the font size and the stylus has a smooth controlled feel to it. It understood all of my printing without a problem, and the keyboard mode was much better than the PALM in this arena. The whole working experience was MUCH better than the PALM experience.

I bought the Netfront 3.3 PDA browser so that all Java worked on the sites I use. Going forward I’ve found many more advantages to the Rx 5900 Travel Companion from HP.

The overall goal I have is to be mobile and travel lightly. Because our business is online and residual my wife and I travel quite a bit. We have always lugged around a laptop (actually two) and all we really did was check flights, email, and commissions. I simply record all of our commissions into an Excel spread sheet, and the rest of time is spent golfing, shopping, eating, swimming, and exercising. Now we can leave the laptops at home and I can use the Rx5900 for all of our normal online tasks. When we fly into a city we can rent a car and use the Rx5900 for GPS guidance from place to place.

Complaints & Reviews About The HP Ipaq Travel Companion

I’ve read a few reviews online regarding the Rx5900 and the only real complaint I’ve seen is battery life and maybe the toggle control. I found all of the complaints in reviews were ridiculous. The battery time works for me – I worked on the Rx5900 yesterday for over 7 hours and when I went to bed I still had 34% battery life left. For my normal usage the Rx5900 is lasting for three days without need of a charge. Keep in mind that I don’t use heavy resource sucking multimedia like music and video – mostly web browsing and document work like Excel and Word. I rarely use the toggle anyway but when I have it’s been just fine. Better that the PALM for sure.

One Comment About The Importance Of The Dreaded Extra Warranty

I’ve often been annoyed by stores that push their “extra super duper extended warranty” on me when I’m already over-spending as it is. In the case of PDAs, GET IT! I paid an extra 70 bucks and I’m covered for ALL parts and labour for 3 years. If my Rx5900 bites the dust when I’m traveling, I can have a new one shipped to where I am. I always check our business online and we book all of our rent-a-cars, hotels, and flights online; we do all of our banking online and we communicate with relatives and business contacts online.

HyperVRE Templates – 1st Step

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

HyperVRE users who are just beginning seem to be having the same issues and troubles, and that is the template. Although there are 27 free HyperVRE templates to choose from, I recommend creating your own custom HyperVRE template, or a good template that is not overused. Click here for a fresh and free HyperVRE template.

“Great! So how do I do that Terry!”, you ask. Simple; start with a free template tweak it until it’s your own creation. Change colors, borders, tables, meta-tags, design, etc., until you have a nice looking template for your home page and your off-pages (keyword pages) If you don’t want to spend ANY money on an editor you can use “Frontpage” to make your amendments to the stock HyperVRE templates.

If you have Office on your MAC or PC you can use Frontpage, and it’s really easy to use. If you have Dreamweaver installed on your computer you can use that for editing your templates as well.

Once you have your templates tweaked, customized, and SAVED (don’t forget to SAVE your templates),  then build a trial site. Don’t worry about uploading the site to your hosting server or anything like that. Don’t wory about how many keyword you use or how many products to select when building the site. Just build the site and open the created PHP or HTML pages to see what your site looks like.

Do this a few times as trial and error until you have perfect custom HyperVRE template. I did over 30 trials before I was happy with my template! Once you have a template that incorporates your Adsense or YPN code, your Amazon and Clickbank affiliate codes (for HyperVRE Gold users), and the design is slick and fast loading, you can just start building and building.