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HyperVRE Tutorials

First of all – if you have never read up on Hypervre you can click here for an introduction, or right click here to download a case study (right click then select “Save link as” or “Save target as”) of a another guy making good money using the software.

You will have fun doing this. This is how much money you can make using Hypervre. That is my latest monthly Adsense report. My average income per month is $9,500 when you take into account the slower months.

OK…everything you need to know on how to created lucrative niche sites is on this post. There are some details you might have trouble getting your head around, but you can use my HyperVRE Q&A page for that.

Just bookmark this page if you forget some steps as you build your first few sites.  All of these steps, software, and templates cost you NOTHING. Repeat….NOTHING!

With the use of HyperVRE, complete newbies can build niche web sites lickity-split. However, many newbies don’t know how to get decent hosting & domains set-up to launch their sites. Many new-comers have ZERO experience building web sites that make money, so these free tutorials show newbies how to use HyperVRE to launch their own string of money making web sites. First off, download my free SEO friendly HyperVRE template here.

Update: (told you this would be free, free, free) Don’t pay for hosting either. Use some of the free hosts to load up your HyperVRE niche sites. I recommend Hostia for free hosting (not an AFF link) because it’s free and they have full php and ftp included (if you would rather own your domain(s), do yourself a favor and use IX.

You can use the Wordtracker free keyword tool to make a list of keywords to use for building your sites. I wouldn’t bother using anything but Wordtracker because it’s free and it always works. Forget about Digitalpoint’s free keyword tool – it’s crap. (your humble narrator’s humble opinion)

For content you can add articles with HyperVRE using your own content, other random web content, private label content, or dare I say it……ok I’ll say it. Scraper content. Warning: Scraper content will work for a few months but Google will punt it for sure. Go for the longevity and use real articles at 250-500 words. Just little spurts works best.

BIG TIP: Don’t get greedy and create sites with hundreds and hundreds of pages. This raises flags with the SERPs. Make small niche sites with 30-100 pages. The smaller the site, the easier and quicker it is to create a keyword list, and create the content. Also, smaller sites take up less server space, and you can put up to 50 web sites on only ONE free account on Hostia. BaBing! When you create your keyword list use the least competitive keywords. If you can, try to use long-tail keywords, which have very little competition.

Create your free domains for your niche sites at Hostia, use your ftp client to upload your HyperVRE generated sites, and then you only have one step to go for the income stream to start.

Link into your free sites using forums, free Blogger or WordPress accounts. Use links from Delicious, Digg as well. Once you have done all that, FO-GETTA-BOUT-IT! Move on to another site, and another and another.  I’m telling you – this works, and what have you spent. Ziltch!

Here are the steps to getting your free HyperVRE software going. Follow these easy steps exactly as it’s the EASIEST and FASTEST way to get everything going.

(make sure all POPUP blockers are OFF or your downloads won’t work)

HyperVRE Tutorial STEP 1:
I use a free software program for building sites quickly. It’s called HyperVRE and I suggest you use it. Download the HyperVRE software – unzip and install. (PC only.. sorry Mac users)

HyperVRE Tutorial STEP 2:
Sign up @ the HyperVRE site (free…..like everything in this tutorial) Scroll to the bottom of their pitch page and ask to sign up as a free member. Disregard the bit about getting the software because you’ve already installed it…..right.

Once you have registered, you can skip all their promotional stuff again and close their site. Now open up HyperVRE which is installed on your computer, and activate it using the same email you registered with.

No “trial periods”. It’s always free if you want it to be. They have a Silver and Gold edition which you can read up on, but hundreds of HyperVRE free users are making serious cash without upgrading. If you upgrade you can take advantage of affliate links link Clickbank, and Amazon. Truth is -I make ALL my money with Adsense anyway.

HyperVRE Tutorial STEP 3:
Go here and download Filezilla for free. This is an FTP client in which you will use to load your sites up to your hosting server: (make sure all POPUP blockers are OFF or your downloads won’t work)

If you simply follow my steps (and the HyperVRE steps which is stupid easy) you’ll avoid MUCH pain and anguish. I’ve made every stupid mistake and taken every dark journey to find out the cheapest and most lucrative way to do this.

Whatever you do, don’t buy anything. No ebooks, fancy software etc. We’ll be using all free stufffffff.

For questions and answers you can go here. Please post Q&A here only.


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  3. joseyrose Says:

    hello, live in south afirca, and lloking for BEST host that can and will accomodate multiple domains/websites as well as integrate well with hypervre.com.

    please advise

  4. terryzulit Says:


    go with Host Gator.



  5. terryzulit Says:

    Oh…and by the way. Disregard my posts on Website Source, becuase they have been sucking lately. (your humble narrator’s opinion of course)


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  8. Patrick Says:


    Home run Terry……..

    Just getting a SERP friendly template for free is tough.


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  14. G.B. Garagnon Says:

    Hi Terry, What is a the Keyword Template that Hypervre is asking for. Is this a special template ? or just a list of keywords ? Also Hypervre is asking for a CSS file. What is a CSS file ? Thanks GBG.

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  19. Andy Maley Says:

    I like your review, However, How about the claim here of the ‘noted’ problem

  20. terryzulit Says:


    I never use the affiliate links in my Hyperve sites,
    and I always load Hypervre sites on my WordPress blogs for ultimate traffic.

    Also, I remove all of the pop up code on all of the Hypervre sites before I load them up.

    My Hyperve sites are now at over $3000 a month just on their own. NO PPC.

  21. Taqi Says:

    Hi Terry,

    I have a question regarding HyperVRE software..

    Step 4 – Artcle Searcg.. Day by Day this step is getting very time consuming 🙁

    No matter what keywords i select it takes minimum 2 hours to pull up 20 artickes 🙁

    Terry, Please tell me how should i speed up the process, my target is to create 2 websites daily..

    Thanks Terry!!!

  22. Robert Says:

    I saw your blog about HyperVRE. Interesting. Perhaps you can help me.

    No one I’ve asked so far has been willing or able to answer my questions (at least about the TofA, below), including HyperVRE.

    Would you mind taking a few minutes to help me out? I’d greatly appreciate it.

    Here’s the reference – HyperVRE’s Terms of Agreement – 1st paragraph (edited):

    Terms of Agreement

    1. Copyright, agreements and Idea Submissions.

    … (first part deleted) …..

    You agree to grant to iNet Innovation, Inc or HyperVRE.com a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual license, with the right to sub-license, to reproduce, distribute, transmit, create derivative works of, publicly display and publicly perform any materials and other information (including, without limitation, ideas contained therein for new or improved products and services) you submit to any public areas of the Site (such as bulletin boards, forums and newsgroups) or by e-mail to iNet Innovation, Inc or HyperVRE.com by all means and in any media now known or hereafter developed.

    ….. (last part deleted) …..

    1) Does that mean that any content I create (or hire someone to create on my behalf) and put on my web site via HyperVRE, becomes their property?

    2) Or, does that mean that HyperVRE only has a right to just that content and those ideas that I post or display in only certain portions of their web site, like forums, etc?!

    3) How, exactly, do I go about building a web site with HyperVRE? (Do I access their web site and use tools that they have there for that purpose? And is that where these forums and the like – which they refer to in their TofA, above – are located?)

    4) And once built, do I have access to the web site’s HTML … so that I can …

    A) host it anywhere I choose?

    B) add do such things as add my own content, select what RSS feeds I want displayed, place a graphic advertisement (like a banner) for an affiliate program I want to promote, and the like? (Or does HyperVRE build a standardized, cookie-cutter web site (based on my keywords?) that otherwise I have little or no control of?

    5) Can you send me links to any web sites that your or others have built using HyperVRE?

    Thanks for your time!

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  24. koby Says:


    Thanks for the cool templates. Do I create my own space for #PPCs#?


  25. koby Says:


    Thanks for the cool templates.

    1) Do I create my own space for #PPCs#?

    2) If many people use your templates won’t that create similar ‘footprints’ thatmight result in search engines spot ‘spammy’ sites?


  26. terryzulit Says:

    No, as long as the content is unique you are fine. How many people use the Blogger Blogspot templates that are identical? You get the point.

  27. terryzulit Says:

    Once again. Updated January 15th 2009 – Sorry it took so long.

    The Hypervre NARROW BLUE template is all updated and looking great. CTR still stupid high!

  28. Jules Says:

    Great tutorial Z.

    Question: which niches are your most profitable?

  29. terryzulit Says:


    Any niche that has low competition – don’t care what it is.

    Celebrities is really good. Paris Hilton and all that.

  30. satyaraju Says:

    i am hypervre gold and monthly member.i feel something wrong in my application of hypervre.can you pl advise me.i am using hypervre monthly tamp lets and gold auto created articles.


  31. Allan Says:

    Nice article. I’ll learn a lot from you.

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  33. Sudip Says:

    Hi Terry,

    I have downloaded your free template. But my question is that will I create all site from your free template? So what we need to change in that template?

  34. terryzulit Says:

    Just make sure the Adsense code is changed. Everything else should work fine. I made it as easy as possible.

  35. Liz Says:

    Love this post! How very helpful. Question: does hypervre create the content for you once you’ve given it your keyword? If so, does it read like a person wrote it or is it just a jumble of random words?


  36. nuchot Says:

    Hi Terry,
    Thank a lot for this..you’re very nice person who want to share with others..

  37. deles Says:

    GREAT MA’ MEN :))

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