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HyperVRE Template Questions

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

First off and foremost; here is a powerful (and 100% free) HyperVRE template for your unlimited use.  This page has my best HyperVRE links on it. The free tutorial, free template and the all important Q&A page.

Many who download and install the HyperVRE software end up asking where they can find the 27 free HyperVRE templates, instructional videos, and PDF manual.

You need to sign up for a free HyperVRE membership and then login into your panel to download all the free goodies. That’s it. Then watch the free videos (important step) and read through the PDF instruction manual. After that you can pick a template and get started. I’m sure that most of you already have a Google Adsense account, but for those of you who do not — you need to have a web site up (no porn or gambling) so that the Adsense team can see something.

When you are approved you will receive an email from Google Adsense and then you are ready to go. Choose some Adsense code and use it with HyperVRE. You can apply for Adsense here. (not an affiliate link)


HyperVRE Tutorial Updates & Questions

Monday, January 29th, 2007

I’ve had many people email me wondering when I will add the next three steps to my tutorial on HyperVRE and Adsense sites. Well….the answer is that I’ve been focusing on creating free HyperVRE templates, so that is what I’ll be doing for awhile.

I will be doing an update every week, so just check once and awhile and I’ll be updating with the next installment. Some of you are VERY anxious and are asking alot of questions about other products, hosting, site builders, keyword research etc. Please stay away from buying a bunch a stuff untill you’ve finished my HyperVRE tutorial. You DO NOT need to spend alot of money to get your income flowing.


HyperVRE Tutorials

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

First of all – if you have never read up on Hypervre you can click here for an introduction, or right click here to download a case study (right click then select “Save link as” or “Save target as”) of a another guy making good money using the software.

You will have fun doing this. This is how much money you can make using Hypervre. That is my latest monthly Adsense report. My average income per month is $9,500 when you take into account the slower months.

OK…everything you need to know on how to created lucrative niche sites is on this post. There are some details you might have trouble getting your head around, but you can use my HyperVRE Q&A page for that.

Just bookmark this page if you forget some steps as you build your first few sites.  All of these steps, software, and templates cost you NOTHING. Repeat….NOTHING!

With the use of HyperVRE, complete newbies can build niche web sites lickity-split. However, many newbies don’t know how to get decent hosting & domains set-up to launch their sites. Many new-comers have ZERO experience building web sites that make money, so these free tutorials show newbies how to use HyperVRE to launch their own string of money making web sites. First off, download my free SEO friendly HyperVRE template here.

Update: (told you this would be free, free, free) Don’t pay for hosting either. Use some of the free hosts to load up your HyperVRE niche sites. I recommend Hostia for free hosting (not an AFF link) because it’s free and they have full php and ftp included (if you would rather own your domain(s), do yourself a favor and use IX.

You can use the Wordtracker free keyword tool to make a list of keywords to use for building your sites. I wouldn’t bother using anything but Wordtracker because it’s free and it always works. Forget about Digitalpoint’s free keyword tool – it’s crap. (your humble narrator’s humble opinion)

For content you can add articles with HyperVRE using your own content, other random web content, private label content, or dare I say it……ok I’ll say it. Scraper content. Warning: Scraper content will work for a few months but Google will punt it for sure. Go for the longevity and use real articles at 250-500 words. Just little spurts works best.

BIG TIP: Don’t get greedy and create sites with hundreds and hundreds of pages. This raises flags with the SERPs. Make small niche sites with 30-100 pages. The smaller the site, the easier and quicker it is to create a keyword list, and create the content. Also, smaller sites take up less server space, and you can put up to 50 web sites on only ONE free account on Hostia. BaBing! When you create your keyword list use the least competitive keywords. If you can, try to use long-tail keywords, which have very little competition.

Create your free domains for your niche sites at Hostia, use your ftp client to upload your HyperVRE generated sites, and then you only have one step to go for the income stream to start.

Link into your free sites using forums, free Blogger or WordPress accounts. Use links from Delicious, Digg as well. Once you have done all that, FO-GETTA-BOUT-IT! Move on to another site, and another and another.  I’m telling you – this works, and what have you spent. Ziltch!

Here are the steps to getting your free HyperVRE software going. Follow these easy steps exactly as it’s the EASIEST and FASTEST way to get everything going.

(make sure all POPUP blockers are OFF or your downloads won’t work)

HyperVRE Tutorial STEP 1:
I use a free software program for building sites quickly. It’s called HyperVRE and I suggest you use it. Download the HyperVRE software – unzip and install. (PC only.. sorry Mac users)

HyperVRE Tutorial STEP 2:
Sign up @ the HyperVRE site (free…..like everything in this tutorial) Scroll to the bottom of their pitch page and ask to sign up as a free member. Disregard the bit about getting the software because you’ve already installed it…..right.

Once you have registered, you can skip all their promotional stuff again and close their site. Now open up HyperVRE which is installed on your computer, and activate it using the same email you registered with.

No “trial periods”. It’s always free if you want it to be. They have a Silver and Gold edition which you can read up on, but hundreds of HyperVRE free users are making serious cash without upgrading. If you upgrade you can take advantage of affliate links link Clickbank, and Amazon. Truth is -I make ALL my money with Adsense anyway.

HyperVRE Tutorial STEP 3:
Go here and download Filezilla for free. This is an FTP client in which you will use to load your sites up to your hosting server: (make sure all POPUP blockers are OFF or your downloads won’t work)

If you simply follow my steps (and the HyperVRE steps which is stupid easy) you’ll avoid MUCH pain and anguish. I’ve made every stupid mistake and taken every dark journey to find out the cheapest and most lucrative way to do this.

Whatever you do, don’t buy anything. No ebooks, fancy software etc. We’ll be using all free stufffffff.

For questions and answers you can go here. Please post Q&A here only.


Matt Callen’s HyperVRE Review

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

I bought Matt Callen’s HyperVRE a few weeks ago. I’ve been hunting (quite some time) for a powerful piece of software that enabled me to build Adsense sites with extreme speed.

My hunt was getting me no-where and I was thinking there was just nothing of quality out there. After testing HyperVRE, I had to write this review on it. (FYI – here is my free HyperVRE template page, and this my free HyperVRE tutorial)

I lost some money looking and testing, as I bought a few software packages that were nightmares to install, and they never really worked. I tried Matt’s HyperVRE and I was  impressed with it. My wife was watching as I was building an Adsense niche site, and she was also impressed with the ease of the build. (she’s not so easy to impress)

I was of course very skeptical (cliche I know…but true) I was not about to purchase it without some serious testing. Fortunately you can procure HyperVRE for free unlimited use, and most all of the features work that are on the Silver and Gold editions. I build 5 sites using the free HyperVRE software and two weeks later each site was (and still are) making $7-$10 a day from Adsense clicks, Amazon affliate links, and Clickbank affliate links. That’s around $1000 a month and each site took me only 45 minutes to build. Update: I’m making most all income from the Adsense ads, and very little now with Amazon and Clickbank. Those links give more value to the sites for users, but just don’t convert on my sites. Your sites may be different though.

Listed below are my reasons for this positive review on HyperVRE:

  • HyperVRE sites are dynamic – they rotate content on pages – GREAT for SEO
  • HyperVRE is fast! – The software takes about 15 clicks to build a new niche site.
  • HyperVRE creates SEO friendly sites – Matt Callen who designed HyperVRE is an SEO expert so it’s no surprise that the search engines like the site’s his software creates.
  • HyperVRE allows both kinds of content – meaning you can use original article content or you can use approved content from article indexes, RSS feeds, or shopping portals. Imagine building a 200 page site that actually has good content and doing it in an hour.
  • HyperVRE can be used by anyone – all my year coding experience, SEO experience, web design experience, and database experience were not required. My wife built a site in an hour and half and she has zero web site building experience.
  • HyperVRE can be used for free! – this is the part that astounds me. When I downloaded the free HyperVRE software, and installed it, I was expecting that most all of the features would not work. That is the norm with so-called free downloads….right. You can use his software for nothing on unlimited websites for an unlimited time. No strings attached. He just counts on some people upgrading to a Silver or Gold Membership.

With the free download you get 27 web site templates that are search engine friendly and all ready for site creation. You can simply run the software and never touch a html editor (great for newbies). Experienced Internet entrepreneurs will likely choose to build a custom template for all their HyperVRE sites.

Anyway….said enough. You can read up on how to use HyperVRE wit no hosting costs in my free tutorial.

Have fun!!!!

When Affiliate Links Where Removed From Adwords

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

Unlike some of their competitors, Google wants to provide the highest quality search results possible. That is an noble effort, and they’re not about to harm their loyal advertisers who bring them billions of dollars in ad revenue each year.

However, a new AdWords regulation will put a crimp on those marketers who run ads using an affiliate URL as a landing page.

Google’s Theory:

For any keyword search, a good sized portion of AdWord results has, at least until now, consisted of affiliate ads promoting identical seller sites.

Example Case:

I searched Google for the term “motorcycles.” Of the ten AdWords listings returned on the first page, three were affiliate ads promoting Motorcycle-Mania.com, a motorcycle dealer in California USA. Another ad on the same page belonged to Dan himself.

From Google’s viewpoint, and mine as well, that was not a quality search result.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, that won’t happen a second time. The new AdWords policy states that, for any keyword search, when two or more ads are found that feed to the same affiliate URL, only the ad with the highest popularity and ranking will be displayed.

At the same time, the new AdWord policy cuts a bit of slack, in that affiliate advertisers are no longer required to identify their affiliate status in their ad text. But overall, it has dealt a severe blow to thousands of affiliates, their market exposure, and their potential for income.

So What’s The Answer?

There are three things that can be done to regain that exposure.

  • Optimize the existing ad according to AdWords standards and hope you’ll land the top ranking. That will be tough if you’re competing against ten or twenty other affiliates who are all doing the same thing.
  • Create a redirect page on your website that will feed to the seller’s page, and use that unique URL as a landing page for the ad. The unique URL alone will successfully circumvent the new AdWords affiliate policy. Still, this may be regarded as somewhat sneaky or unethical.
  • The best answer can be spelled out in just two words – Content Pages.

A content page is just a simple webpage, hosted on your own website, that presents a short (500 words or less) report relating to the product itself or to the related niche.

And of course, your affiliate link will be embedded into that content, rather than being used as a direct link in your AdWords ad. Once again, the unique URL for your content page will effectively and legally get around the new affiliate policy.

Now, I’m a firm believer in content pages. They not only make your site more important to your visitors and to the search engines, they can (when well written and keyword relevant) help to pre-sell the product. An informative content page can often make the difference between a sale and a loss when there happens to be a weak salesletter on the seller’s website.

Another advantage … you can embed multiple [related] affiliate links into a single content page, giving your potential customers several buying options to shop from.

Where Can You Get Content Pages?

2 Main Ways To Create Content:

1 – Write the content yourself. Stick to the topic and use relevant keywords/keyphrases to tweak the reader’s interest, and that of the search engines as well. A personalized review of the product usually works best, offering your own experience in using it, and your resulting benefits. Then format the content as HTML, optimize the page for search engines, upload it to your site, and use that unique URL in your Google AdWordsTM campaign.

2 – Search for topic related pre-written articles at sites like EzineArticles.com and place your affiliate link(s) in a short blurb before and after the article itself.