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Test Your Typing Speed

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

I find one of the frustrating things I go through blogging is the speed and accuracy of my typing. I know that if I could type faster and with more accuracy I could be much more efficient with my daily posting. More speed equals more content, and more content equals better blogs, better traffic, better readership, and of course better income.

So……I did a quick Google inquiry and found an online test for typing speed. You can take the quick test if you like by going to www.typingtest.com. You can choose how many minutes you want the test to be (1-2-3), as well as what passage of text you would like to type (Strategic Alliances With Competitors, The Wonderful World Of Oz, Fishing In Finland, or Tigers In The Wild). You can also choose the speed unit for the test at WPM or CPM.

My test showed an abysmal 37 word per minute with 8 errors, resulting in a net words per minute (WPM) of 29. A great office worker I would not make. Update: Typing 80-85 words a minute now!

I¬†think my typing speed test would be better if I was writing the words coming to my head as I typing now. I’m not a hunt, punch and erase writer, but I have serious problems with my methods. I cross my write hand over to my left hands business a lot, and this slows me down considerably.

I took typing in highschool, but unfortunately I was a slacker. If had known that one day my income would rely on my ability to type content into a blogging platform, I might have tried alot harder. After taking this typing test, I will be putting some more effort into increasing my speed and accuracy. I would have to work half as long each day if I could get a better grasp of my laptop keyboard.


Joining The YesFollow Blogs

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

Well I’ve decided to join the ranks of the yesfollow (or No nofollow) blogs. The reason is simple. I check my blog for comment spam frequently and I simply delete the comments. I also use Askimet and Anti-Spam Image, and they work very well. If you want to get rid of the nofollow tags in your WordPress blog, download the dofollow plugin here.

If you don’t know what nofollow is then go to Wiki and read about it. It was something that Google thought was a good idea to stop spammers commenting on blogs for page rank hikes, but it just hurts bloggers (in my opinion).

So what does this mean to newbie bloggers. It means when you comment on my blog, the search engines will see the link from your name to your blog. Keep in mind that I check my comments often and I’ll be sure to whack spammers at will.

I’m not gonna make some big deal out of this, cause I could not really care less either way, but I do like to see bloggers that comment on my blog get a link back. The funny thing is that this blog is so new, none of my off pages have rank yet. ūüėČ So for now I don’t have to worry much about comment spammers anyway.


What Is Your Motivation/How Many Blogs Can You Handle

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

One Blog At TimeIn the past I’ve discussed some of my goals – but I read a good little bit on motivation over at Big Wad’s blog on motivation, worth checking it out. It got me thinking……how much do I want to earn from the Internet? Well for some people the answer is LOTS! My answer is ENOUGH for now.

What I mean is that I’m not all about getting stinking rich from Internet income – I’m all about being free due to Internet income. As my friends reading this know, I work from home, and make about 13,000 per month in the good months, and about 7,000 in the slow months. Of course this is enough to pay the bills, and not work at the Ford Motor Company, or work at Starbucks, but not enough to be rolling in cash. Great! I appreciate this lifestyle everyday I wake up, and try not to take it for granted, but the hell hounds are still on my trail gang. Here is why.

The reason I don’t rest on my laurels, is that the competition is getting fierce. Millions of people every year are entering our world of Internet income, work at home freedom, and general financial freedom. Many of these newcomers are savvy Internet folk that are using blogs to capitalize on traffic, even for basic products sites like hair loss markets, skin cream markets, YOU name it!

I was talking to a couple of my music buddies yesterday (yeah….I spent allot of time trying to be a rock star……and NOT for Supernova) who are also enjoying some Internet income. I was telling them my new mind-set with the future of Internet profits – I believe it’s coming down to this.

We need to be working REALLY hard on one particular blog or site for extended amounts of time. I’m talking about around 3 months per site or blog. After that we can distract ourselves off to other sites. We need to build up a serious amount of content and quality information for our visitors, before we move on to other things. I even think now that sticking with one blog may be a worthy method too. Using feeds, content automation, and of course manual posting, we should be able to keep three good blogs rolling by ourselves. I’d say that might be stretching it as well. Maybe two good blogs.

What I mean by automation is using a feed like Teli’s script for importing excel spread sheets to your WordPress blog. I use this script on a few of my blogs and it works very well. For example, I have a blog that automatically posts 10 posts a day evenly spread over a 24 hour period. Posted in 5 different categories, and it’s all fresh original content.

I said to both my music (and now blogging) buddies is; instead of looking at just your competition’s site to see how they are enjoying massive traffic, look even higher. Look at Yahoo! for instance. Take a good long look at Yahoo! and see how many fresh, original pieces of content they add a day. Then think of way to add that much quality content to your blog every day. Imagine if you could? If you could add just half of what Yahoo! adds in a day, you would be wiping out your competition in due time.

For some of those visitors that used to hang out at my past forums, this may be contradictory, as I used to pipe on about multiple sites. Good old Kenny {;-)} over at Money Traffic is all about mulitple blogs still, and there is merit in that – but we need to make each one of those blogs fantastic, not just so-so.

So take one blog at a time, and work your butt off for 3 solid months. When you are done, move on to the next. Once you have them all kicking along, you can them manage them all at the same time. I try to make one decent post per week on a blog that is in that mode. This blog has a good base of readers and content now, so I just try to make one good post a week if I can, while I’m grinding hard on a new blog. No question about it – Zulit will always be here and I will always make a post like this one periodically, but I won’t be posting for the sake of posting.

So how many blogs can you handle? How much money do you need to earn per month? Just like Big Wad’s article mentions – wants and needs are two different things. Do I WANT to go to Palm Springs next month, or do I NEED to go to Palm Springs next month – that is the question. I say we work hard for our financial freedom first, and then we work hard for the extras in life. Work hard on ONE BLOG AT A TIME.

Oh….and don’t make every blog about making Internet income, because the Internet savvy don’t click Adsense ads very often ūüėČ Learn to create massive blogs on basic products as well, cause people looking for skin cream probably don’t even know a Google ad or YPN ad from one of your navigational links…….or a hole in the ground.

Remove Your Adsense Code When You Are Working On Your Site

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

Well, I’ve been off at work on one of my blogs (as you can tell by my posting frequency on Zulit these days). As with all my blogs and sites these days, I work hard for months to get things up and rolling. When the blog is receiving steady flow of traffic, I then move on to another.

When I’m working on a blog, I’m loading pages frequently to the tune of a couple hundred page loads in one day of work. This not a good thing when your Adsense ads on those pages. This makes your Adsense CTR and eCPM drop like a stone. Not good, as there is great speculation among Adsense publishers that low CTR (and in turn lower eCPM) can cause low paying Adwords ads placed on your pages.

Anyway, I did not remove the Adsense code from my blog as I worked on it. After a week of work, my income per click on my Adsense account dropped considerably. I caught myself slowly, and removed my Adsense on the busy working pages that I was modifying. Keep in mind that I have been working on WordPress blog theme customization, so I have to load pages often to test my work. After a week of my CTR climbing, and my eCPM as well, the ads presented on my pages began to climb up again.

Lesson learned: when working on your sites and blogs consider removing your Google Adsense code until you are done. 

Are Pop-Ups Soon To Be A Pain Of The Past?

Friday, September 15th, 2006

Interesting opinion here from Desmond on popup advertising and their future online.

We’ll see….. So far you have seen how to attract the potential customers to your site. You must also learn to keep them interested and not turn them away after giving them useful information and quality products. Do you know that happens? Yes, when you use pop-ups, visitors are annoyed, distracted and will not take your offering seriously. Therefore get rid of any pop-ups on your site. There was a time when pop-ups were considered another major attraction for your web site but with each passing day pop-ups have lost popularity. Internet users are no longer interested in pop-up ads. They rather consider it as an annoying factor. Imagine you are reading a very interesting book and suddenly there is a pop-up in the form of a unconnected page. How would you feel? It’s the same with any pop-up you employ on your website. So follow the dictum – do unto others as you would have others do unto you, and stop annoying visitors with pop-ups. Pop-ups used to raise the interest levels of the visitors. But now the internet users are sick and tired of using spam filters, pop-blockers to avoid such disturbance. No visitor wants to waste his/her quality time on annoying pop-ups. Most users will leave your site and find good information elsewhere on the Internet. If you continue to use pop-ups you will ultimately end up losing your good prospects. The impression you built through your web site stays longer on the visitor’s mind than these pop-ups which just act as distraction. Take for example a salesperson who instead of offering you something real shows all the nonsense which just quirks you. You will never be interested in buying a product from such a fellow. The same applies to the web sites. The more real and quality material you offer to the visitors the more they will be interested in your web site. If you want that your web site be taken seriously for its high quality content and fine products then use them for your marketing instead of using anything fake. The visitor will believe you and will be interested in buying products from you only if you offer legitimate products. Earn the confidence of your customer with genuineness and not with advertisements.

Time to let the pop-ups go extinct, much like dinosaurs.

Desmond Mantor works with Have Traffic.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Update

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Steve over at Moneywell asked me recently if I had an update on Dragon Naturally Speaking, since my last post on DNS. In that post I used Dragon Naturally Speaking software (Version Eight) and I was quite happy with it.

However, I eventually started going back to hunting, punching, and erasing again. Why? – because by the time I strap on the headphones, plugin the headset and spool up Dragon, I can have a post completed and published already.

Where I think Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software¬†can be used most effectively, is when a person has trouble typing. It’s perfect for those of us who can’t type quickly, and for those of us who write content all day. For blogging, I don’t type all day. I only post when I’m in the mood, or there is something¬†I feel like commenting on.

For a full time blogger, who is posting for 6-8 hours a day, Dragon Naturally would be ideal. Maybe if¬† I was blogging that many hours a day, I would be hiring others to blog for me ūüėČ Never know…..maybe someday.

When A Business Blog Really Takes Off

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

I know it sounds crazy to those of us who are making a few pennies or dollars a day from their web sites or blogs, but it really is astonishing to see what a blog can do when it really takes off.¬†There is great article on¬†Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch, and what his blogging has brought his income to. He now makes around $60,000¬†USD per month, and growing. Like I said, that seems unattainable for beginners, but what if you could make just a portion of that with your blog? It’s all good. Pays your mortgage, rent, car loan, child support, food & expenses.¬†It all depends on your lifestyle.

Anyway, thought you might really enjoy reading that article.