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SEO Series Pt #1 – Affordable SEO

The first installment in my SEO series is going to touch on affordable SEO (search engine optimization). The idea of this series is to give you ideas that can optimize your web site or blog for search engine appeal without spending big dollars.

Once you have a web site or blog created and on it’s way, you will soon be receiving emails from SEO companies that promise to optimize your site and increase your traffic for a price. The prices will range from the one time optimization fee to the monthly fees. Some of these companies charge thousands of dollars per month for their services. The goal of this series is to help you carry out search engine optimization on your site without spending any money.

This is not so much about reader and visitor appeal. As I’ve mentioned many other times, focusing on your content and how it can help your visitors is the key factor, BUT it’s important to have your site (and all of it’s pages) optimized for the web.

The next installment of the SEO series will be in regards to meta tag.


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