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Create Your Own Favicon The Easy Way

Depending on the browser you use, there is usually a small icon before the URL, which is found in your browser’s web page address field. This is usually found at the top of your browser.

While you are on this page, you will notice in the address bar, directly before http:, a black Z with a reddish-brownish background. This is what you call a favicon.

I’m going to show you the EASY way to create a favicon for your web site or blog. First of all, go create a favicon on this page. Simply browse to the image you want to use, or enter the URL address of the image you want to use. Once the number crunching is done, you’ll see a download link. Download your new favicon to your computer and upload it to the root directory of your web site or blog. (the root directory is where your index or default file lives)

Once you have successfully uploaded your favicon into the root directory of your website or blog, you need to add a wee bit of code into the header area of page you want the favicon to be shown on. Use the line of code below. Make sure to add < before the line of code and add> after the line of code. 

link rel=”icon” href=”/favicon.ico” mce_href=”/favicon.ico” type=”image/x-icon”

Replace the yourdomain portion with yours of course. If you don’t see your favicon, then try uploading the favicon to the root directory of your server in binary mode. You can do this with most all FTP client programs. My favorite is Filezilla, which you can download here for free.

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