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Web Hosting Review For Startlogic

This is my first hosting company review and I’ll start with Startlogic. In my original post on hosting companies, I listed Startlogic’s basic offerings. Now in a more detailed review, these are the following specs they have for their hosting plans. I’ll go into each one as far as my epinion goes.

Server space of 15,000 Megs (15 Gig) – plenty for most all applications you could require

First domain is free – standard for most hosting companies now

Unlimited email accounts – great for large companies, but for a small business it’s generally not required

Bandwidth transfer 500 gig – this is a high bandwidth allowance for this price range (very nice touch)

30 day refund guarantee – Cost at $4.95 a month – very competitive (arguably the most competitive)

Setup fee is zero – software support – may not seem like a big deal, but it’s something you want

Cgi. perlscript, mysql, and php functionality – a must, and also becoming standard

Ssl server secure – never used it, but an important feature if you collect sensitive information from visitors

Ssi management – as above

Site stats and log files – good to have and becoming standard

Web browser email – becoming standard, nothing to write home about (excuse the bad pun)

Shopping cart applications – generous addition for this price range

Web hosting control panel – Shopping cart applications –  Frontpage 2000/0/2/3 – good to have, becoming standard

Multimedia, real audio & video, streaming audio, macromedia shockwave, MIDI file, and MIME types included – in this price range….very impressive, but you’ll have to keep your eyes on bandwidth restrictions as your site begins to receive heavier traffic.

File manager, host manager, ftp manager, anonymous ftp, password security, backup programs – so far I’ve noticed my file uploads and downloads have been quick, faster during peak hours for sure

Web builder with professional web templates, slogan and logo editor, change designs any time, web page and doc editing, publishing program – nice touch and not a standard with packages in this price range
standard with most web builders

Unlimited pop3 emails, unlimited forwarding emails, unlimited autoresponders, unlimited email filtering, unlimited web email, form mail, guestbook, bulletin board, php nuke, chat, blogger, multiple java applets  – I don’t use any of these features, very important for some

Ecommerce, Agora shopping cart, OS commerce, paypal shopping cart – not standard in this price range

Marketing guides, promotions, SEO positioner, search engine submitter, meta tags generator, keyword generator, link checker – good services but you can find all these for free anyway

Ad credit of $50 – I’m seeing advertising credits offered more and more with hosting packages. A good idea for new-comers so they can get a taste of traffic

Traffic statistics, access and error logs, bandwidth usage – also becoming the standard

Settings options, gnupg, frontpage extensions, customizable error pages, redirecting, mime types, and handlers – I’ve used the settings options and that’s it

Pricing Options

a) If you want the lowest price per month you have to commit to a 2 year plan. Your cost per month is $4.95

b) If you want the above hosting for $5.95 per month you have to commit to a 1 year plan.

c) If you can’t afford to pay out the bucks, and get the lower price, you can do it for $6.95. Your domain is $8.00 a year, so your total cost for your new domain and hosting package is $14.95. You are then charged the $6.95 every month. This comes off your credit card automatically, so you don’t lose your hosting, and they get their money (of course)

Overview Of Startlogic’s Hosting & Domain Services

What Startlogic has done is offer all the services, bells and whistles to all of their customers. Some hosting and domain outfits only provide extra services (such as ecommerce functions and higher bandwidth) to premium package customers. Startlogic has been doing very well because of this pricing approach.

The two most important traits I require from hosting and domain services are; low down-time and a good customer service. Price is an issue of course, but I’ll pay more if I they have solid servers, and quality customer service. Startlogic has online chat, email, and phone customer services. I use the online chat window when I need help and it’s available 24/7/365.

The web sites I host with Startlogic have had next to no down-time, and their customer service has been exemplary.

Startlogic’s web site for more information.


4 Responses to “Web Hosting Review For Startlogic”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Terry, I’ve been using Startlogic for my WordPress blog and it’s a “fully loaded” hosting package for a great price.

    One question, how do I setup my database for my WordPress blog on the Startlogic Vdeck panel.


  2. terryzulit Says:

    Kelly, once you’ve logged into your Vdeck panel:

    – click “Host Manager” (top left icon)
    – then click “Databases”
    – then click “Setup”
    – then enter a new database name in the provided field and click the “Add” button
    – then click the “Select All” selection and click “Update”

    Then add a user to your new database by filling the user and password fields.

    – then click the “Select All” selection and click “Update” again.

    Now you have a database and user setup. You can then open your WordPress file “wp-config.php” file and enter your database info, save the file and upload it to your hosting server’s root folder (where your WordPress index.php file lives)

    All you need is:

    – the database name
    – your created database username (I make it the same as the database name for ease)
    – your created password

    Just leave the “localhost” as is if you’re using Startlogic hosting.

    Now you can just go to your domain and follow the WordPress directions for installing your blog.

    You can use the video tutorials which explain all this in further detail.


  3. David McGurn Says:

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  4. terryzulit Says:

    Dave, I looked at the link you showed and all I can see is that there is information on a few topics.

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