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Day In The Life – Yet Another Internet Entrepreneur (and of course Bob)

Bob MarleySitting here in a Costco parking lot waiting for my wife to hunt and gather some essentials, I’m tapping away at my Gateway notebook. I have seven decent wireless Interent connections to choose from. Four of them are locked out and three of them are open. Two of the locked and encrypted Interent connections are hackable and I’ve already hacked one just for fun of it. I’m using an open connection for this post, as I’m assuming the retail stores who have locked their wireless hotspots don’t want me using their ISP.

I have Bob Marley’s Legend CD playing and the air conditioning is keeping the effect of the hot July sun from over-heating me. It’s a good groove as I listen to “Stir It Up”, and contemplate today’s posting. Today, I thought I would publish a post that outlines my typical online work day.

So here goes: I don’t worry about writing posts in the morning and posting them in haste. Since my background before Internet entrepreneurship had me working night shifts, I find that I’m most on the ball between 9:00 PM and midnight. During the day I just check our PPC accounts and the commissions coming in. I check my email accounts, my favorite forums, new projects and ideas, my Google video account, my Google site map account, and of course my web site tracking software. I don’t really do much of anything until noon.

I schedule all posts for publishing between 1:00 and 2:00 AM. This way there is no pressure on me to post during the morning hours. My work is done before I wake up, and during the day I just sponge. What I mean by sponge is that I simply live life and let the natural wanderings of my mind lead me to the post I plan to publish at the end of the day. For me, this is a great way to allow a constant flow of ideas and writings.

I’m using a combination of standard typing and speech recognition software (see my post on Dragon Naturally Speaking here) Since this post is being written in a car and the Bob Marley is cranked, speech recognition is out of the question. I guess I could turn on the speech recognition mic and you would see something like this……

“This is my daily routine and I’m going to I shot the sheriff and I’m in this car and sheriff John brown using my Gateway laptop every time I plant a seed he say kill it before it grows

……just wouldn’t work. However I would say that the lyrics to Marley’s “I Shot The Sheriff” could be slightly more interesting than your humble narrator’s on-going smatterings.

Anyway, back to the routine (or lack there of). So at about noon I have a rough idea of what I’m going to write about. It may be an autobiographical piece such as this one, or it could be a review of a product or service. When I write a review of a product or service I usually use an affiliate link in the text, which will result in commissions. I call those money posts, and I get really bored of money posts if I can’t mix things up with a free-form post such as this one……

Boy, I love Bob’s Redemption Song so much….”dees songs of freedom is all I ever have — redemption songs….dees songs of freedom.” Awesome…just changed tracks to “Don’t Rock My Boat”. Bob Marley’s music is centered around love and freedom. Can you believe that he passed away when he was only 36 years old. Correct me if I’m wrong on his age of death (use the comments link to set me straight) I can’t possibly get my head around that much great music being created from one man before the age of 36.

……I guess I could slide an affiliate link in here for buying Bob Marley’s Legend Album but that would mean having to slow down and going to get the Amazon affiliate code. Oh well – what the heck - buy Bob’s Marley’s Legend Album now. Don’t delay! You might be missing out on some of the most important music ever written, and you just won’t be cool without his vibe in your life. Listening to Bob will make you a better lover, friend, and general human being. Your hair will stop falling out, you’ll sleep better, your neighbors will respect you more, your debts will shrink, and your kids will all be happy and safe forever. There we go – it’s now a boring old “money post”. I would only make about $0.50 if a visitor bought the album, but I suppose if I converted 300 CDs this year I would make $150 bucks without having to lift a finger. Whatever….

So at about 1:00 PM I have a small post started, and I’m sort of rambling on a wee bit. After about 200 words, I take a break and have my daily tobacco fix. (not ganga spliffs either – I quit the ganga back in 1998 when my daughter asked me what that funny smell was in the garage) I smoke two light cigarettes over a large cup of coffee with double sugar and double cream. I usually talk to my wife about the daily business as she handles all our PPC accounts. She watches our Internet business much more closely than I do. I tell her what I’m writing that day, and we discuss what personal stuff we have to get done in the day. If we are feeling especially randy, we’ll head upstairs and peel some paint off the walls.

After I’ve had my shower and made the bed it’s usually around 1:30 PM and then I get back to work on my post or article. I’ll work to around 3:30 and then it should be all ready for proof-reading and editing. I’ll close my laptop and then my wife and I will head out for a walk, do some shopping, or maybe I’ll go play golf.

After that it’s usually dinner time and then maybe a short nap. (I’m over forty now so 40 winks is sometimes needed) Around 8 or 9 PM we’ll watch some TV. In the summer time not so much, but in the winter it’s always part of the routine. While I’m watching TV I’ll read over the article I wrote earlier in the day, and punch it up a little, fix spelling and grammer errors, and maybe add a picture to the post as well – if I can find a picture on the Internet that won’t get me into any infringment trouble. Like I said above, this is the time of the 24 hour cycle when I’m sharpest. Then I save it again. All done. I’ll generally go to bed at around 1:30 AM and I’ll click publish just before I head upstairs. I’ll visit some more with my wife and we’ll watch a little TV in our bedroom before we fall asleep. She always falls asleep before I do. I usually watch comedy material so I go to sleep with nothing heavy or dark on my mind. (Family Guy DVDs are the main event these days)

Then I usually sleep like a baby. I wake up every three hours crying 😉

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