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To Blog Or To Job? – That Is The Question

Job To BLog When I try to explain to people what I do for a living, they get a puzzled look on their face. Even after I try to explain it, they still have trouble fully grasping how money can be made from owning a web site (or blog) that doesn’t sell anything. I go into detail and explain Google Adsense, affiliate linking, blogs, web traffic, social bookmarking, and the blogsphere. I even show them one of my web sites or blogs, but many still don’t quite understand what I’m talking about. If you are one of those people who don’t yet understand this form of money making, click here, but in this post I’m going to comment on the advantages of blogging over jobbing.

To reference the inset picture, I’ll describe the key difference between online income via blogging, and pay check income from working a job. I look at it this way. Every morning you get up to go to work. You work hard (well…maybe you do) and when your day is done, your hours are in, and you will be paid accordingly. Just like rolling a big bolder up to the top of a hill. As soon as you leave work that same bolder begins rolling down the hill, and by the time you wake for the next work day, that bolder is waiting at the bottom of hill for you. You get to work — rolling, pushing, and sweating that big bolder back up the hill again. The process continues and you have to push every day to earn that same income.

Enter Your Internet Income

The biggest aberration you will find regarding Internet income is that it’s easy. All reputable bloggers and web site owners will tell you the truth — creating wealth online is hard work. I can attest to that. I sometimes work 16 hours a day (I have other blogs and sites besides Zulit.com). Sometimes only 2 hours a day. Sometimes not at all. The difference is that I’m FREE to work when, where, how, with who, and as hard as I please.

In the bolder analogy above I show how working a job only allows for a fixed income. With Internet streams of income it’s magnificently different. Yes, it’s also hard work, but when you push that big bolder to the top of hill — it’s stays there. That income stream just keeps coming, and that big bloody rock is dealt with. Once your bolder is firmly rested on the hill, you roll up another one. When it’s planted at the top of the hill you move on to the next. You see how you eventually end up with multiple streams of Internet income. Once each new stream is created, you have nothing more to do except create more. (you can also work at making some of your streams become floods)

As most honest Internet business people will confess, your sites or blogs can lose traffic if you don’t carry out some routine tasks such as periodic updates, inbound link creation, page refreshing, etc. All this is easily manageable if you setup an organized maintenance routine. This may sound like allot of work to maintain properly, but to give you an idea — my wife and I manage over 50 web sites and blogs with very little strain. Growing further than that will likely involve hiring staff, but for now, we love the freedom of not dealing with employees and customers. (internal customers and external customers)

As I mentioned above, creating a fluid flow of traffic to your blog or web site takes hard work. In the next installment I describe for beginners the different ways a blog receives traffic.

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  1. John Walsh Says:

    I choose to “BLOG” when asked the question of “To Blog Or To Job?”

    This is a nice topic and I will be checking in and contributing from time to time.

    Enjoy your holiday!

    John at http://www.pcdoctor2u.com

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