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WordPress Video Tutorials

This post will be updated as more WordPress video tutorials are created. The first list of videos (10) simply outline some of the main tasks required to upload the WordPress blogging platform to a hosting server, configure it, and make an initial post. Note: I will also be including video tutorials from other sources.

Included in this first batch of WordPress video tutorials are; changing file permissions, installing WordPress plugins, completing a WordPress trackback, embedding Adsense code in the WordPress default theme, and how to setup a Feedburner datafeed link.

Many beginners get confused when viewing the WordPress videos on uploading. In the list below, there are two videos on uploading. The first one in the list assumes you already have a web site, and you just want to add a Wordpress blog to the domain. In other words, you end up with a link off your existing home page (index page) to your new WordPress blog. The second uploading video assumes you are using WordPress as your main site. In other words, your blog IS the site and there is not an existing web site or domain.

I’ll be adding many more video tutorials designed to help beginners optimize their WordPress blog. I will be doing a video showing how to use a .htaccess file to allow the use of “pretty urls” (search engine friendly permalinks). I will be doing a WordPress video showing users how to ensure their blog has an edge over most other blogs (by customizing meta tags). I will be adding a video that takes beginners step by step through the Google sitemap process. I have a long list of videos to do, so you may consider bookmarking this particular permalink.

Ten Wordpress Video Tutorials (these video tutorials use the WordPress Default theme)
(Note: for optimum video quality download the videos to your computer and play them with the Google Video Player. You can download the Google Video player by clicking any of the links below. Once on the Google Video web site, look for the Google Video Player download link on the L/H side of the page. Download and install their player and then download the videos to your computer for viewing. All video tutorials are presently free to view and download.)

For your doamain name and hosting see my article on hosting here.

Uploading WordPress (secondary/added to existing static site):

Uploading WordPress (primary/standalone):

Installing WordPress:

Configuring WordPress:

First Post With WordPress:

Changing File Permissions (chmod to 777 to allow theme template customization):

Installing WordPress Plugins:

Trackback With WordPress:

Embedding Your Adsense Code In WordPress:
(click here to download the Adsense ready files for the WordPress Default theme)

Setting Up A Feedburner Account and Feed Link:

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20 Responses to “WordPress Video Tutorials”

  1. Becca Says:

    I’ve recently purchased WordPress Data Feed Import. I’m really glad to see the tutorial for adding merchant datafeeds. Will the Data Feed Import tool work with the Amazon.com web services? I have several websites that I’m just dying to add a data feed or two from Amazon.com, but haven’t the foggiest notion how to go about doing so, or even if it would be applicable. Thanks for your time.

  2. terryzulit Says:

    All datafeeds can work as long as you know how to use Excel – make sure the Amazon feed is compatible with Teli’s script.


  3. Stan Says:

    Thanks for the great videos. They helped me get started with my Satellite Tv blog.

    I’m making some money everyday now, and growing.


  4. Chris Chaba Says:

    Im looking to build some stand alone blogs, in the uploading wordpress tutorial you already have a wordpress folder with all the info in it. Where did you get this folders contents from? Thank you.

  5. terryzulit Says:

    Hi Chris,

    You can download the latest WordPress folder (with it’s php files) for free by simply searching “WordPress Download”
    in a search engine.

    This address is the present download page; http://wordpress.org/download/

    Let me know if you have anymore questions. Posting questions on these posts works well, as others learn from our discussions.


  6. Chris Chaba Says:

    I also noticed your files are in dreamweaver mode. Is this essential and how did you do this?


  7. Chris Chaba Says:

    Are you using commision junction, or have you found a better company?


  8. Chris Chaba Says:

    Another question, sorry, but a blogs url name doesnt seem to be as important as with static sites. Your site is about financial freedom but your url is http://www.zulit.com is this true?

    Thanks again

  9. terryzulit Says:

    A blog like this one can be URLed anything. Just keep making posts once and awhile, and the rest seems to take care of itself.

    I’ve also noticed that my Adsense clicks are paying much more this week. About 1.50 to 2.00 per click now.

    Don’t know why, but I’ll take it.

    Using Commission Junction still for alot of stuff because they always pay me on time.

    Not sure which files you are taking about, but using Dreamweaver makes no difference.


  10. jt Says:


    I was going through the video’s again to refresh my memory on building a good blog, i was looking at your Configuring WordPress video and you have all the info that goes into database name, user name, password. I dont recall seeing anywhere in the vids that show where to get that info. I do remember building my first blog and getting that info to config the file. If you could help that would be great.


  11. terryzulit Says:

    Each web hosting company is different, but you need to look in your hosting manager panel click the “database” link or icon.

    When in the database area, click “create new database”. When you create your database you need to write now or record these 4 things:

    database name
    database user
    database address (usally just local host works)


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  14. zuhbmudowd Says:

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  16. Brian Says:

    Very handy, sometimes reading how to do it is not so easy but watching a video makes the job a lot easyer thanks.

    My New Tech Blog http://www.britec.co.uk/techblog/

  17. terryzulit Says:

    Thanks Brian,

    I’m assuming you gave me an inbound link since you dropped yours in your post… 😉

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  20. terryzulit Says:

    I have over 100 sites now but that is not the only way to go.

    You can make a great deal of money with just 1-3 blogs or sites.

    There are so many ways to go about this, but the most important
    thing is you create original content everyday.


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