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Web Site Analytics (a must)

How are your web site analytics being tracked? Is one of your old web sites quietly getting swarms of traffic you don’t know about? If so, then you are missing out on free and easy profits. Yes, I said free and easy! The two most common words used by savvy business people when trying to sell you something, and it’s rarely the case. Well I’m going to tell you about a case where that sales pitch rings true. This is a story of the little web site that could.

Once upon a time I had the bright idea of building one of those celebrity web sites. I built it in a day, wrote the content in a week, and then I let it go. I wrote articles on 3 different stars from the TV and motion picture industry. All stars were very popular, but after I had a written 30 pages of content I gave up on the idea and let the site go. I giggled to myself for even trying to compete in such a competitive Internet market. I never even bookmarked this site, and I never tracked any analytics, details, traffic facts, etc……you get the picture – I let it go, walked away, and forgot about it.

Two weeks ago, I thought I should throw some tracking on my little celebrity site, and retrieve some valuable analyics. Well you guessed it – it’s getting traffic. As a matter of fact it’s getting over 500 unique hits a day! Most of the traffic is for one celebrity in particular. I noticed that all the traffic is image traffic. Queries for this celebrity, using Google images, are constant and copious indeed. I had never even bothered to monetize this web site, so I added one Google ad to the top of each page, in the form of an Ad Link. Then I tracked the site’s page impresssions using my Adsense account overview. What I found was not encouraging. My CTR was miserably low at an average of .33 percent. This told me that the visitors were coming to see the pictures and then leaving. My visitors only see the site via Google images and they rarely click into the actual page. So do you know what to do when that s happening?

What you do is slide a wee little bit of code in the header meta tags area of all your web site pages. Now when visitors try to rob an image, or just see only the image, they will be forced to view the web page and see the content. After I employed this code in all the pages of my site, the Adsense CTR jumped to 12%. This brings the total Adsense profit to over $200 a month. All this from just one celebrity. So you know what I did next? You guessed it – I built pages for 10 more celebrities, and in a matter of months, I should have a web site making over $1000 per month. That’s all natural traffic, and pure profit.

Internet traffic is sought after by all of us trying to earn profits online, but yet most of us don’t invest in synoptic web site tracking. Not knowing the analytics (details) regarding all your web site traffic can be costing you huge profits (as I found out the hard way……or should I say the easy way), so I recommend throwing some tracking code on all your sites, and get used to studying your web site analytics.

3 Responses to “Web Site Analytics (a must)”

  1. Andy Merrett Says:

    Hi Terry,

    I had a similar thing happen on one of my old pages for two minor UK TV celebrities. It tends to go in waves, depending upon when their shows are running, but it has brought me a steady flow of AdSense revenue which is welcome. What I still need to do (shame on me) is to change my htaccess file on the server to stop people hotlinking the image and force them to view the page.

  2. terryzulit Says:

    Yeah, I like seeing the constant trickle from the celebrity traffic. If I keep going at it I’ll be a sleeze merchant. Anyway, I probably won’t add anymore celebrities to that site for awhile. I want to focus on this blog and get it rollin’

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