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Google Adsense Blindness – The Adsense Whirlpool

Google Adsense blindness is a concern that many publishers have regarding their Internet income. I’m sure there would be some concern in the Googleplex the day Adsense publisher CTR (click through rate) numbers began sinking. I also have concerns that internet shoppers, surfers, and researchers, will soon ignore Google ads. I’m sure there will always be a healthy number of people clicking relevant ads, but it seems that every web site or blog entity is displaying Google ads front and center.

The reason Internet publishers are using Google Adsense is because it pays. Google always pay at the end of the month via cheque or direct deposit. Their ads are almost always relevant, and the publisher can make money without having to sell a product, or convert a sale.

The problem I see is that consumers of the Internet will be over-exposed to the familiar “Google ads” and simply see any kind of contextual ad as advertising. Their eyes will see the ad, their brains will register that they have seen an ad, and they will ignore it. In essence, they will be blind to it.

For example; I’ve noticed that all my blogs that primarily focus around the subject of Internet marketing (like this one), have extremely low click through rates on ads of any kind. The CTR is low because Adsense savvy individuals see Adsense ads and rarely click them. They know that I get paid from those clicks, and they know they are going to be led to a web site that wants to sell them something, or wants them to take some kind of mouse action (like clicking another Adsense ad). This is the problem that I’m seeing with Adsense monomania prevalent on the web today.

You’ll notice while using your favorite search engine that you can be swept into what I call the Adsense whirlpool. The shopper of the information or product using a search engine types in their querie; they are presented with a host of natural search engine results, and of course the sponsered links (usually found at the top, bottom, and right sidebar of the screen). The user then clicks on a link to the web site that appears to have the product or information they require. When they enter that web site they are presented with onlyAdsense ads. They then see an ad link in the cluster that promises to give them the information they need, which takes them to another site that only has Google Adsense choices.

Eventually the user experiences the Adsense whirlpool so many times they vow to never click on an ad again. This is all speculation on my part, but I have a sneakin’ suspicion that this is going to be a big problem in the future for the Google Adsense team. Google may become victims of their own success. More on this in other posts.

3 Responses to “Google Adsense Blindness – The Adsense Whirlpool”

  1. Steve Says:

    I reckon you are spot on there. I get sick of sites that are almost nothing but adsense.
    If google aren’t careful about this they will kill their own golden goose.
    They need to be a bit tougher about the sites that are allowed to display Adsense I reckon so Adsense is actually a recomendation rather than a turnoff

  2. terryzulit Says:

    A site like MoneyWell will do better for CTR than a site like Zulit. Visitors that are looking to fix their money problems are not as likely to notice a Google Ad is advertising.

    Visitors to Zulit are usually web savvy, and the CTR is quite low. This is why I like to post about all sorts of money related topics. Not just information regarding blogging profits.


  3. Money Traffic: Terry Zulit Blog Says:

    […] the Zulit stuff a long time ago. There is another interesting article on the same blog regarding Google Adsense blindness. All good reads.Technorati Tags: Terry Zulit, Website Analytics Posted by Kenny at 10:28 […]

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