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Purchase/Buy Zulit Auto-Blog Software Formula/System

My Auto-Blog Formula and System is now available for purchase. See buy link below.

This Formula uses customizations for WordPress, Wordpress themes, and the WP-O-MATIC plugin, as well as my own Custom Synonym Plugin for re-writing all your automatically created posts.

This Formula creates a perfectly functional auto-blog that creates traffic and profit 24/7/365.

This Formula is time tested over the last 5 years. It works beautifully.

I’ve worked with, and purchased, NUMEROUS auto-blogging plugins and systems over the last 5 years. I never found a solution that actually worked flawlessly and automatically (set it and forget it).

I had to create my own system.

You now have access to it for a one time fee of $39.99 – Unlimited Domains!

IMPORTANT NOTE РPLEASE READ: After you buy my package you will immediately be taken to the download page for your files, folders, and ebook. PLEASE BOOKMARK THAT PAGE. If for some reason you neglect to do so, please email me at terryzulit@gmail.com and I will send your link to you.