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My name is Terry Zulit and I am the founder and owner of Zulit.com. This web site is a personal passion of mine. I make my living online and have done so full time since June 2006.

I started dabbling with Internet profits back in November of 2004, but never fully succeeded until June 2006. I tried it all folks. I attempted many different online business models until I finally began to see some profit.

My wife and I now run over 60 web sites (some static and some dynamic) that range across the board as far as vectors, markets, services, and products. We earn our money via affiliate commissions and contextual ad income.

Zulit.com is simply a blog for online entrepreneurs ranging from beginners to seasoned pros. The goal is to guide people on their way to financial freedom via the internet.

Discussion will range from time to time, depending on the mood of your humble narrator, but the end state remains the same. I want to provide as much information as possible, so that visitors to this site can find the online income model that works best for their skill set and lifestyle.

This blog is powered by WordPress, so you will see a variety of articles related to the same. If you are in the process of launching your own WordPress blog, you may find the WordPress Video Tutorials helpful.

If you have absolutely no experience creating wealth online, you you must understand that making money online is not JUST for scammers and shady people. Millions of people are making extra money online, and thousands of us are making a full time living online. Once you have tasted your first profits, I believe you will be hooked, and question some of the time you may be wasting with certain hobbies and past times. Why not have a past time that is fun and makes you money.

If you are an experienced netrepreneur you already understand the power of Internet income, and I hope you eventually click away from my blog with a nugget of information you did not possess before visiting. (or at least enjoy the read and the ride)


Terry Zulit